for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

Who/What do you live for?

God has been clearing away some things in my life that have been getting in the way of our deepening relationship.  It was an AHA moment.  All of a sudden I could see the concept with more clarity. I can identify the clutter with precision. Now I can choose in each moment to keep my eyes and focus myself on what God has for me, or I can let my thoughts lead my focus away from a life of clear vision and perfect peace.

For me I was caught up in comparing myself, my relationship, and my talents to others.  I measured myself to others instead of examining who I am through the eyes of my Creator.  I was struggling with contentment in the blessings I have been given.  I refused to accept the talents God has bestowed on me, and therefore was not bearing good fruit. I was imprisoning myself in the chains of comparison, discontentment, and inadequacy.

I am thankful to serve a God who doesn’t just prune me because I am not fruitful, but first He gently and tenderly speaks to my soul.  He gracefully showed me the sin in my life that He can  not be a part of.  He then gave me a choice.  I can choose to live in Him and His power, to be identified in Him and become fruitful by His design.  To be set free by His truth of who He created me to be. So I choose to surrender all the is untrue, all that is unholy, all that is not good, so He can create in me a pure heart.  So I can become closer to the original image He created me to be.

I am so thankful to know a God who loves me more than I can ever imagine.  He wants to bless me more than I can comprehend, but He is very clear in His word that He must remain the focus in my heart and my life.  He must be my FIRST love and seeking Him must be my FIRST priority.  So I pray that I can continually surrender the things that creep up and get in between the closeness to my Savior.  I pray that I will keep myself in Your will so that I can shine like the Light you intended for me to reflect. God I know You are mighty and I know that I can be amazing and wonderful as long as I remain in You. Amen

I love songs and this particular song is one that has been resonating with my soul.  I must also thank my Sister-in-law Debra Greer for her post on being Holy, which encouraged me to seek God’s holiness.  I found in seeking His holiness and desiring more of Him I had to get rid of the junk and stuff in me that did not allow enough room for Him.

Polski: Spalanie spirytusu na spodku

Polski: Spalanie spirytusu na spodku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here is my challenge to you.  Take a moment and be quiet with the Lord.  Ask Him to reveal to you the things that are creating distance between you and Him. Ask Him what is in your life that is breaking His heart.  Then as you are quiet listen to this song and listen to the Holy Spirit!  Then surrender and make a choice.


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for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

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