for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

What are you consumed by?

To consume means to to do away with completely : destroy <fire consumed several buildings>

a : to spend wastefully : squanderb : use up
: to utilize as a customer <consume goods and services>
Consume, it’s not a very pleasant word just look up some of its synonyms. Yet our culture is consumer driven. We are a society of consumers.  We even consume within the church. What are we consuming for?  Are we aware that we are consumed?
I’m going to make this black and white.  I know its not always that simple and there are lots of gray areas, but I don’t want to write a book yet.

When is Jesus enough?  Are we blinded by the stuff that we miss what we already have?  Christian or not, mankind has been given a tremendous gift.  We don’t have to work 80 hours a week for it or pay more than half of our salary for it.  We don’t have to save up for it.  We don’t even have to change ourselves for it.  We just have to accept it.  We have the gift of salvation.  Jesus died to set us free from sin, from a life separated from God.

I don’t want to be consumed by the world.  I want to be consumed by The creator of it, by the love of my Abba Father.  To be consumed by God is to accept a gift that will allow us to embark on a new life.  A life of freedom.   It is making a choice to acknowledge Him first in all that I do.  It is to be sanctified by the blood of Christ; to become what He intended for me to be in Christ.  Freed from the chains, the lies, and the pain.  I want my life to be lived in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  I want to learn how to take each step of my daily life in His will to bring Him glory.

Who are we in Christ?  Are we ladies in waiting for our King?  Are we God’s Knights?  Do the choices we make for our lives reflect that we put our King and Kingdom before ourselves.  When we accept the gift of salvation we become heirs to the mightiest throne EVER.  Do we live with that identity? Do we live with that power?  Do we recognize that sin and the devil can longer hold us?  Have we accepted in our hearts this new life, but in our minds have let the lies of the devil keep us in chains.  Embrace the new life.  I admit that I don’t live with that identity as consistently as I want to or should.  It is my hearts desire and a goal I am striving for.

Why?  I am so glad you asked.  First because in the Bible it says to live that way, second I find that on days when I put God and His Kingdom first everything just works out better.  I mean everything… my marriage, the kids, my attitude, the amount of things I accomplish, its a miracle really.  Lastly because I want my boys, God’s little knights in training, to see a life of faith lived out genuinely before them.  I want them to see that I lived a life true to the God I serve.  I want them to see that living for Christ and His kingdom alone is ENOUGH.  I want to help them not get tangled in consumerism, materialism, and selfishness.  I want them to see a life lived in freedom by the blood.  There is so much power and such great peace.

I want that for you too.  If you don’t know the peace of God and the freedom of the blood of Jesus search desperately for it.  If you know salvation, but not this peace or freedom please pray and seek God’s truth for your life.  Let Him take away the clutter.  Don’t be afraid.  Just let go and give it to the Lord.  God does not give us a spirit of fear dear ones.  He gives us peace.

Matthew 6:33, “But seek FIRST His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


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