for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

In whom do you trust? What do you put your faith in?

This post is Dedicated to a dear friend, Lauren Mingus.  Thanks for sharpening iron friend!


In this day and age with all the computerized technology we trust that when we use our debit cards that our bank will transfer the money to the institution we are paying.  We trust that when we press the power button for all of our electronic devices that they will turn on or off.  There are various examples of things we put our trust in.  Situations in which we have faith will work out.


Where does that trust come from?  Where does the faith come from?  I hope its God.  I have realized something though.  Do we, who call ourselves Christians, really trust God with ALL of it?  Do we put our faith in Him with EVERYTHING? Some days I can confidently say YES and YES.  Those are the days that everything is right, everyone is happy and getting along, the house is clean, the schedule is perfect, and the checklist is getting marked off with speed.  Then the other 364 days of the year come along.  I am starting to realize that maybe I am not truly trusting God with my day. Maybe I think I can plan or do it better.


I want to take a minute and talk about trusting God and having Faith in Him.  I can not just say I will trust you to some one I do not know.  To a person that I haven’t talked with or spent some time with I can not have faith in.  Therefore if I am to trust my God who has been faithful to me I must spend time with Him in reading His word, having a mind and lifestyle of prayer, inviting Him into my life on a daily basis.  You see I believe that our faith and trust in God is dependent on our relationship with Him. In fact I think you could even use faith and trust interchangeably to describe your relationship with God. Try it.  I don’t trust that God will…I don’t know God enough to give him this…I don’t have enough faith in…I don’t think God will do this…


I fundamentally believe that God knows us better than we know ourselves. I do believe that we need to be so immersed and close to our savior that we know His voice from the world. That we press in so deep to His side and we get so intimate with Him that we have the clarity and “mind of Christ” that takes persistent and diligent time in prayer, the word, and service. Then we are able to show ourselves to God in a way that we could never show ourselves to another person. I think when those things happen God opens the flood gates of blessings and gives us the vision and plan He has and its more than we could have ever dreamed of.


I believe when we are so close to God that we know His voice from all others the devil is not happy about that. I think he will try his best to interfere, create confusion, mislead, misdirect, and lie in any way that he can to try to keep us from being productive in God’s kingdom. When we can recognize that and say “I rebuke thee; get behind me satan in the name of Jesus you have no business here.”  The victory is won.  We just need to have the clarity and the mind to ask for help and claim the victory that is already ours.  You see God is not a bully and he gave us free will.  We can follow Him or we can get entangled in satan’s worldly web of destruction.


I can honestly say that I finally recognize this in my own life emotionally with people. I now have God’s clarity in these situations in my life. I believed that I had forgiven the past, but with every new hurt I would allow the devil to bring up all the past…I thought it was just my own struggle.  I didn’t trust God to take care of it.  I didn’t let Him be my protector.  I wasn’t close enough to my savior to know that He could guard and protect my heart better than I can.   But now that I see with the eyes of Christ…the victory is here, waiting,  I just have to claim it in the name of Jesus.  I had to get close enough to God to see His game plan and learn the route He is calling me to take so I know what to do when the time comes.


I love this quote and I think it fits:

“God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.” – Anonymous


I know for some the struggle isn’t emotional, it could be physical, mental, unbelief, or an addiction.  I think the healing begins in trusting and knowing Jesus. Become close enough to Jesus, sensitive enough to seek His heart, His mind, to see with His eyes, that our hearts desire is to be as much like Him as we are able to. I firmly believe that when we can lay our flesh down, give up all the world and its possessions, lay down anything we give place to in our lives, that is when we are so close to God. When that closeness to God is the true desire of our hearts…that is when His blessings and healings just pour out.”


Closeness_CS_0030 (Photo credit: Ennor)

Friends I pray that we all seek to be closer to Jesus each and everyday.  So that one day people might only be able to see Christ living in us.



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