for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

Testament of Faith

This story begins when I did not listen to the voice of God.  I was 8 weeks pregnant with our third child. It was time for my monthly chiropractic adjustment.  When I walked in the office, I noticed my regular chiropractor was not there.  I asked the girls and they said he was out of town.  I immediately felt something inside me nudging me to wait and reschedule.  I thought to myself I’m only 8 weeks he couldn’t hurt me or the baby.  Well that night my sciatic nerve was in timbuktu and I couldn’t lay in any position for more than 5 minutes without excruciating pain and throbbing.  That meant no sleep for me.  This was the beginning of a 2 year battle of pain for me.  All because I did not listen to the voice of God trying to protect His child from making a bad choice.

The next 9 months proved to be very difficult physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I did not like the person I was and I am not proud of how I handled my situation and circumstances most of the time.

After the pregnancy the pain got better, but it did not go away.  So after 7 months I did some physical therapy with a diagnosis of a sprained SI joint and a bulging disc my pain was better, but not gone.  After 6 weeks I was advised by a great PT to get an MRI.  Only to avail that I indeed had a herniated disc located at L5 and S1 and a bulging disc between L4 and L5.  Oh the joy.  I did not want surgery or shots so I went back to the Chiropractor in January and paid more money for decompression starting in January.  I felt better as long as I didn’t try to do anything that required bending and lifting. I have 3 boys…Joel and I started thinking that maybe we should start praying for some wisdom about what to do with my back.

It was March.  My church was hosting a Prayer Awakening.  I wanted to go.  I asked and prayed for healing.  I felt healed for a few days and then the pain started to come back.  It went on like that for some time.  I wasn’t sure what to do or think.

I always thought that I didn’t put God in a box.  I thought that I was a bold believer.  I thought that I knew God could move mountains.  Well I knew those things about God, but did I believe them in my heart? I started going to my church’s prayer meetings in June.  I heard the struggles and praises of every day people.  I started to realize that my pride and selfishness were keeping me from getting closer to God. I realized that I used practical excuses of kids, chores, and responsibilities to justify that I wasn’t seeking God’s face or His kingdom. I needed to repent.  I needed to put God where He belonged.

Everyday got better.  God started to clear out the clutter in my life.  The emotional baggage, the mental struggles, and the doubt.  God showed me that I didn’t truly believe He would heal me.  It wasn’t that I did not believe He wasn’t able, but that He just would not want to.

I needed to repent and tell Him honestly that I needed help believing that God only wants good for me.  So I prayed.  It was real and honest and I could feel His touch start tingling in my legs and all the way through my body.  I was healed. I had no pain.  As long as I praise and believe Him I have no pain.

I have had no pain for 10 days.  I love the Lord God Almighty.  I am so thankful for His faithfulness and mercy.

What do you need to ask God about?


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