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Sharing what God lays on my heart.

Even when I don’t like you…

Joel and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past May!  I am so happy and blessed that God has given us these 10 years and 3 boys.  For our anniversary we decided to spend a week in France and then visit my sister in Germany this past October!  Again what a blessing and gift.

We watched many of the videos of Rick Steves Travel through Europe.   I thought we were well prepared.  We were and we weren’t…This will become another post.  Anywho…France was beautiful.  Germany was amazing, but I want to focus on what God kept telling me while in France.

Norte Dame district

Norte Dame district

Walking through downtown Paris along the river from the Louvre to NorteDame, there were so many breathtaking views, great architecture, and lots of street vendors.  So much history on the streets we were walking.  More than I could ever imagine.  So many people.  So many people who did not seem to like me. People who to me seemed not nice, unfriendly, and unkind.  I felt a sense that I did not belong.  What a beautiful place, but what not so beautiful people (on the inside).  The only people that were nice seemed to be people you were buying something from, some other foreigners, and the most awesome concierge.

2013 - Germant Trip Camera 051

In case my readers haven’t noticed…I tend to just talk to God in my mind most of the time.  God reminded me that He loved these people that I did not want to like.  God kept reminding me how He loves them and died for them and they are precious to Him.  I started this post thinking that this is where it ends, but I sense God is saying more.

As I sit here and type about how I don’t really like the French people because they seem unkind and were not welcoming, I see my own judgement staring me in the face.  I am judging people I don’t know.  I’m just judging them based on an expectation of how I think I should be received.

Who am I?  I am no one to pass judgement.  I have a list of imperfections and shortcomings.  God forgive me for my judgement.  Help me to love your people no matter how they receive me.   Give me the strength and courage to be who you created me to be.  Give me your grace and mercy to respect the different people you have put in my life and will bring into my life.  Thank you for revealing this truth, help me to not forget it.


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Sharing what God lays on my heart.

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