for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

What choices are you making?

I feel that God has been taking me on a spiritual growth spurt these last few months.

I wanted to have loving, grace-filled boundaries, when I sought His truth in His word and in prayer He began equipping me.  A recent conversation with an irregular person in my life gave me the opportunity to put into practice what I had been mulling over in my spirit.  The end results were Great for me.  The irregular person isn’t so happy, but that is to be expected when one doesn’t just comply and agree with a self-centered person.  I left the conversation feeling freed from a prison I had been in for years with this person.  I was able to speak the truth in love, offer affirmations, and encouragement.  This was the beginning for me. I made a choice to follow God’s truth from His word in my life.  The result was overwhelming joy and freedom!  I desperately want every person to experience this for themselves.

Within this conversation, God revealed a character trait that I needed to take ownership of and stop being the victim of.  You see…okay sidebar.  The book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a MUST read.  Back to topic. In that conversation it became very clear to me that I had been hurt by the person because of the types and tones of their words to me as a child.  My number one love language is Words of affirmation.  So constructive criticism can be very hard for me to take.  It is especially hard when there are no positive words stored up.  You see I have been asking God to guard my heart.  Well He needed to teach me that I have this tendency to take things more personal and sometimes hurtful when I don’t need to.  In order for God to guard my heart I needed to understand that I have a choice…a choice to take something as, hurtful, helpful, or classify it as unnecessary information.

Learning that I have a choice is necessary, but learning that I need to ask God how to interpret a statement or situation is vital.  There is a scripture and it says something like what man intends for harm, God will use for the good of those who love Him. So you see dear ones when we ask God about a situation or a person, even when they intend harm, God will and can overcome that.  If we just ask Him before becoming hurt, or offended, or angry, He can guard our hearts and help us respond with love.  That is not to say that sometimes life isn’t just plain hard or difficult and that you will never experience a negative emotion, but you don’t need to be controlled by those emotions.  Keep in mind readers…I just learned all of this a few weeks ago so I’m not perfect and I don’t always remember my choice and to ask My Father first.

God loves us and sees us with a perspective that most humans do not.  So others perspectives, opinions, and comments do not always need to have weight in our world.  We belong to God.  We need to remember to allow His truth and His perspective define us.

Happy Choices to you!!! Be set Free by God’s truth in His word, the bible.


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for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

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