for the men in my life

Sharing what God lays on my heart.

In the clouds

I just had the privilege of hearing a wonderful brother in Christ, Dan Bohi, share what God has put on his heart!!!  It was an encouraging message! The main point…GOD WANTS TO BE WITH US.  God LIKES US!  It is humbling. The God of the universe. The God who created the heavens and the earth.  He desires US.  Wow.  Its just amazing.  I am thankful that my Jesus loves me that much.

In Dan’s message he read scripture after scripture about God coming in a thick cloud to be with His people. I’m going to post some references about God coming in the form of a cloud, feel free to look them up. Exodus 19:9, Exodus 33:9, Exodus 40:34, 1 kings 8:10&11, these are just a few.

My clouds.

So I want to share the very beginning of my conscious part of pursuing this Jesus.  You see I firmly believe that God has loved me and has known me before time began.  It was I that was not fully aware of who He is and what He had been doing in my life.  The first memory I have of my unveiling was when I was 12. It was the Spring of 1994.  I lived with my mom and step dad in Glenwood, Il on Campbell st.

Outside it was a beautiful spring day.  The sky was a lovely baby blue with big, soft, fluffy white clouds. There was a gentle breeze.  It was one of those perfect days, outside.  Inside my house however was an entirely different environment.  It was tense, volatile, and crazy.  My parents were in a very heated argument, about what I don’t remember. This was a fairly normal occurrence in my life.  The difference, that day for me, was the moment I looked out the window into the calm and peacefully serene world outside. You see it occurred to me in that moment that there had to be something bigger than mankind out there.  There had to be another source of power and control.  And so, the slow pursuit of discovering the source of this peace for me started on that day.

I wasn’t really sure, I didn’t really know. I mean I grew up watching care bears (care bear stare anyone?) and they lived peacefully on clouds.  I remember always wanting to escape to the big white clouds.  The fluffy gentle ones you could just lay in forever and not care about anything else.  I came to know the Lord as my personal savior 3 years later in December 1997.  I have loved learning about Him, His love for me, His faithfulness to me, and His protection and provision of me.

I love how God brings clarity to my life.  He made it clear to me today, listening to my brother Dan recall how God descended in the clouds to His people, every time I wanted to escape to the cloud, it was my heart yearning for my God who loves me. My connection wasn’t to care bears, it was to my sweet Jesus who has loved me before time began.  That day I wasn’t just looking at a peaceful cloud. I was staring into the face of God. He was speaking His truth into my heart.  He was telling me that He created life to have peace, order, and joy.  He was telling me that as long as I continued to focus on mankind, I would not have the peace and joy He created me for.  I needed to look higher than mankind.  I needed to look to the Heavens and find my Abba.  I needed to run and escape to Him.  I needed to find my shelter in Him.

Even now as I sit here typing these words, He is reminding me of His truth.  Life can bring much pain, disappointment and hurt.  I can choose to focus on the hurt, the mess, the ugliness life can offer. Or, I can choose to look to the Heavens and see what God wants to show me today!

Oh how my heart swells with joy, love, and hope.  I just love, love, love, how God is always showing me He loves me.  I want to choose Him today and every day!

But guess what???  He loves you too.  He has loved you before time began.  He desires to be with you too! If you don’t know Him in this way, I encourage you to find someone who does and have an honest conversation about your doubts and fears of who God is.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for you love. Thank you for desiring to be with us.  Holy Spirit please help me to choose my heavenly Father. Help me to turn my heart, my mind, and my thoughts to my Jesus who loves me.  Please help your people turn their hearts and their minds to you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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Sharing what God lays on my heart.

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