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Car Trips with Kids, How to not go crazy!!!

We have taken a few road trips this past year.  We have a 7,5, and 3 year old.  Here’s what we’ve done to help keep everyone entertained and calm.  (This will not be grammatically correct, so just enjoy the content!)

1. I put some essential lavender oil in the van. (use as much or as little as you prefer) It’s quite calming.

2. We load up the CD player with Adventures in Odyssey.

3. We pack snack bags for each kid.  Fruit rope, crasins, apples, bananas, paleo banana muffins, grapes, and homemade protein paleo bars, and water

*We have a stash of diaper wipes in the back for the big kids for hand cleaning. I can reach the little one right behind me.

* We also have a garbage bucket, that also aids as shooting hoops entertainment!

4. Each boy gets a busy book that is age appropriate.  Pictures of where we are going, driving past, maps, or things they are learning!!!  (a bag of pencils and colored pencils)

*Word searches, dot game, tic tac toe, fill in the blanks, math problems for my math lover, Animal pictures for my animal guy, and the License plate game…several versions you can do with this.

5. The Map…I print out a map of our route, they can follow along so then we don’t have to hear, “Are we there yet?”

6. Empty bottles, yes for pee.

7. Dry Towels, Just in case something happens.

8. Play eye spy…its hilarious with a 3 year old, who forgets what he picked!!!

9. Magnet games/boards.

11. Find the steeple eye spy when we are in towns/cities.

10. The final trick, stop and let them out and run every few hours!!!

When we stay positive and enjoy the drive, they do too.

I hope this helps your road trips!!  Please leave comments of what works for your family!


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