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His resurrection

His (Jesus ’) resurrection gives me hope. To me it means that His love is unyielding, wreckless, and faithful for eternity. It wasn’t for His glory that He rose from the dead. It was His love for us that He rose from the grave, returned to earth, and instilled us with His hope. Hope for a new way of life.
  Jesus is our example. How to obey, how to surrender, how to trust, and how to love our Heavenly Father. We are to be like Christ. Therefore we should die to our flesh as Jesus willingly died to His. He said no to His personal gain, protection, and comfort. We are called to do the same.
  In His resurrection we are called to rise up with the power of the Holy spirit. When we choose Christ as Savior, we are renewed to live a life set Free from the bondages of sin in this world.
  On top of all that, Jesus prophesized this entire thing. Honestly without knowing and believing that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, I would have thought Jesus to be crazy. BUT… Knowing and believing that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead proves something far greater. His own prophecy proves His Sovereignty. He is faithful to His word.
  The best part is, when you put the two together, without God’s love… His sovereignty doesn’t provide much comfort or peace. But, with God’s sovereignty interdependent with God’s love… Well that means something entirely different. It means he can be trusted. It means He is our safety. It means He is ours and we are His. He gave us everything. He held nothing back, because He first loved us.

Lord, help me to live the life you created me for. Holy spirit live in my life. Help me to die to myself so that I can live more fully in you.


What a MESS!


mess (Photo credit: Fernando Stankuns)

For those of you who know me well…you know that I don’t like messes.  Yet with 3 boys under 6 I have a perpetual mess in my Kitchen, my laundry room, my living room, my bedroom, their bedroom, their toy room, my van, my yard, my garage…well you get the idea.  And most of all I REALLY do not like extra or unnecessary messes.  And yet I want my boys to learn how to do dishes, pour their drinks, get dressed, do the laundry, make their own food…and so on.  And so the conundrum ensues.  They can not learn unless I am willing to let them make a mess.

Well, I get frustrated at times and I loose my temper.  Sometimes, many times I even yell.  I have really been praying about this short fuse problem of mine.   God has been whispering this truth in my heart and my mind.  “I entered your mess, because I love you.”  ” I walk with you in the midst of your mess because I want to help you clean it up.”

Jesus left heaven…sweet, peaceful, perfect Heaven.  He left such a great place and came to the messiest place in the galaxy.  He put on the clothes of our mess…He became flesh because He loves us.  He wants to give us freedom from the mess we are in.  He wants to show us, teach us, and love us through this mess.  He wants to transform our mess to heaven on earth.

Jesus wants our emotions, our expectations, our failures, our anger, our striving, our fear…He wants all of the things that keep us from creating a life that exemplifies “…on earth as it is in heaven.”

Let me be really honest with ya’ll.  I am still sorting all this out.  I am still learning what this looks like for me in my life.

I pray Abba that you will help me accept your love.  Open my eyes to Your wisdom for my life.  Jesus help me to reflect you as best I can, by allowing you to invade all of  me.  Lord give me your wisdom to make decisions and have responses that will bring Heaven to earth.

Jesus loves the beautiful mess that is each one of us.

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble ( messes). But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Jesus is our hope and salvation from the messes in our lives!!! Praise. The. LORD.

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